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Gloves and Clover - '05 Mustang GT & '06 Mini Cooper S

Garden 2011 4/3/2011

Gloves: Safe landed on my toe some 4 months ago. Out of all the cartoon acidents that could have happened, (piano, anville, safe is in the top 3! Well loosing a toenail sucks, here's the progress on My Dead Toenail

Garden 2011 3/29/2011

Gloves: Starting the garden early this year. Right as I get started it rains non-stop for 2 weeks. Finally got some time in yesterday to begin prepping the soil and yard. Garden Picture Book

Too much TV 10/30/2010

Gloves: Here's a list of all the TV we've been watching since we moved in (Oct, 09).

Wind Power is not enough 10/26/2010

Gloves: I just about finished the wind power project. Turns out it's not nearly enough. Kind of like trying to fill up a swimming pool with a squirt gun... You can do it, just going to take a long time.

Clover: So does that mean we aren't going to have green energy to use?

Gloves: No, I just bought a solar panel that should completely refisll all 225AH (1.5KWhours) of batteries, every 8 sunny days. Not including energy from the wind turbine. Here's a sweet pic of the turbine

Billard Ball Shift Knob 9/4/2010

Gloves: New shft-knob installed. Hand made just for my car.

Wind Trbine is up 7/4/2010

Gloves: Spin baby spin!.

Clover: So are we getting lots of power from it?

Gloves: Oh no, that's a lot more work to do that. right now it's as good as an over sized porch pinwheel.


California is taking away our rights! 5/3/2010

Gloves: On a serious note, this is another way California is taking way our rights.

Clover: I like what you wrote. (A Letter to California)

Gloves: Californians and Americans please help us!

Muse & Silversun Pickups 12/28/2009

Clover: MUSE!@$$!!! Going to be back in April!!!

Gloves: That seems kind of far from now.

Clover: I've alread got tickets!!!

Gloves: I think you have an addition. However they were cool when they played live on SNL with Uprising & Starlight

Not So Silent Night 12/12/2009

Gloves: That was a pretty sweet concert that Live 105 put on at the Oracle Arena, Oakland. It had Vampire Weekend, AFI, Metric, 30 seconds to mars...

Clover: AND MUSE!@$$!!! IT HAD MUSE AS A HEADLINER!!! M U S E !)*(@!&#*(&

Gloves: and muse was there to.

We moved!!! 12/10/2009

Gloves: We've moved in, the place is nearly presentable.

Clover: Jack's pen is all setup outside with a red tortoise house and Turk get's a room all to himself.

Gloves: You pamper that guy so much, I though you were going to give him the master bedroom!


Clover: We are moving into the house of our dreams!

Gloves: Kinda looks like a pile right now

Clover: It's perfect!

Gloves: Ugh, I hate moving. so I'm planning on making this the last move of my life, This will be the move the end all moves! Weather you are or aren't at the moving party, it'll be a day you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Clover: Sure it will, It'll be pluenty fun for everyone view our moving day web page.

Enter Wunderwaffen 6/15/2009

Clover: ZOMBIES!!!@$#!!

Gloves: What? Wait, what!?

Clover: Zombies! We need to be prepared for the impending uprising!

Gloves: Impending uprising?

Clover: Itís not a matter of ďif.Ē Itís a matter of ďwhen!Ē Thatís why Iíve equipped my Wunderwaffen.

Gloves: What's a Wonder waffle?

Clover: Eight-Shell-TWELVE-GUAGE Mossy that JUST WONíT QUIT! Itís the weapon of choice against the undead you know. Itís fully loaded with a heat shield, 3w LED Mini Mag, laser sight, red-dot sight and room for more shells on the butt stock. It goes great with my NBC Mask.

Gloves: HOLY... Lemme get a look at that those.

She's ready when zombies attack | The Zombie Traning Video

Clover: Now if I only had a good place to store my fire-breathing security blanket.

Crohn's Walk

Clover: Join me on a walk to support a cure for Crohn's. In San Jose, May 30th.

2009 January Calendar

Clover: I put together a January 2009 Calendar and February 2009 Calendar pages for my Crohnies, other months will be added.

Gloves: A calendar for your cro-na-who's-a-whats?

Mustang up to 375 HP with Nitrus Kit

Gloves: ZEX Nitrous Kit Install and tutorial is here!

Clover: You bought a WHAT!? Was that necessary?

Gloves: PSH, no. But it's coompletely awesome and after a couple uses, it's like it's a part of ME!

Clover: Whatever, so when is my MINI getting that exhaust?

Gloves: O.o

Ipod Nano has stripes

Gloves: Now that I have 2 of the same Nano's, i can afford to mess one up. So masked and painted stripes on it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get an iPod to play in my car.

Guitar - rebuilt

Gloves: FINISHED MY GUITAR! See the pics

Leg Injury

Gloves: Finally updating the website. Unfortuantly it's about some bad news.

I hurt my leg really badly over the weekend (8/2/2008)

Warning, there is GRAPHIC pictures of blood and bone!

Fighting for Clover's Life

Gloves: Clover hsa been in and out of the hospital for gastro-intestinal reasons. I'm doing everything that I can to get her to a better place of wellness. So I recently created this blog: The fight aginst Chroneís Disease, The fight for Clover's life. I'll be doing what I can to update weekely.

Save this date!

Clover: Finally we got the date!

Gloves: We got the ships!

Clover: July, 21st 2007!

Gloves: We got CANNONS!!!

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Gloves: OMG!! WAIT!!! J - U - L - Y! That's coming right up!

Clover: So get yer ass in gear and make with the planning!

Gloves: Ok, I'll call to make sure the cannons are in working order...

Clover: Ugh, typical...

Posted: 3/24/07

Buy us stuff

Gloves: I love stuff! stuff-stuff-stuff!!! OooOOOooo! I want that, and that one!

Clover: Really now, Toys R Us doesn't have a wedding registry!

Gloves: But Target has a toys section!

Clover: We got to concentrate on

Gloves: THIS registry is so much FUN!!!

Clover: Finally we got the date!

Clover: July, 21st 2007!

Gloves: We got CANNONS!!!

Gloves: OMG!! WAIT!!! J - U - L - Y! That's coming right up!

Clover: So get yer ass in gear and make with the planning!

Gloves: Ok, I'll call to make sure the cannons are in working order...

Clover: Ugh, typical...

Posted: 3/24/07

Gloves and Clover are getting married!

Gloves: Late, after work on 2/26/07 I took Clover to Sazio Ristorante Italiano. We enjoyed some Italian food with some wine. Shortly after I asked Clover to marry me.

Clover: That's when I unrolled my list of demands.

Gloves: That's not what happened!

Clover: I mean, I said yes.

Gloves: Later that night we went to the movies and the following day I had to leave for 2 pet related conventions across the country. So our first week of being engaged we weren't able to see each other.

Clover: At this time there is not set date and we'll keep you posted.

Posted: 2/25/07

Gloves: What do you want on the homepage?

Clover: I don't know. Looks fine the way it is.

Gloves: I think it needs more Mustangs on it.

Clover: Ugh, no.

Gloves: Maybe more Turk?

Clover: Turk, my baby!!!

Gloves: So basically we put what ever we want here.

Clover: My Turkey-murkey-lurkey!!!

Gloves: O.o

Posted: 2/10/07


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