Aug. 2nd, 2008.
The plan was to drive around on an ATV (all terrain vehicle), play some paintball, BBQ and do some skeet shooting at "The Ranch" in San Jose.
(660 cc Yamaha Rhino Explorer)
Victor and I went to the top of the property in the Rhino, a 660 cc 2 seater ATV.  After we got off the pavement i went to make a right turn, the wheel caught and the Rhino tipped over.  We weren't going very fast.  I put my left foot out to brace for the tipping.   The pole of the Rhino landed on my leg.  And worse, a non-functioning side-view mirror gouged into my lower left leg.
Vick's fall was cushioned by me.  He and I both got up, and I started to 'walk it off' until I saw a lot of blood all over the ground.  I stopped immediately and looked at the hole in my pants.  I instantly knew to sit down, when I pulled  my pant leg up, this is what I saw.
Yes, that's my bone you are seeing.  The average person has about 5 Litters of blood.  I think I lost 1 of those 5.  All I could do to prevent loosing more blood was to lie there, with a paintball gun strapped around my leg as a make-shift tourniquet, later I took my belt off and tried to use that too.
I made it to the hospital where they gazed it up a little bit, gave me some vicodin and a tetanus shot. 
Soon my lovely wife showed up
Next the Dr decided to take a look for himself.
They wheeled me into my own room area, gave me so local anaesthetic, about 5 to 10 shots around the area to get it all numb.  Then it was off the Radiology to make sure nothing was broken.
After that was all good and done, they tell me that my bones aren't broken.  Altho, what's that bite-mark looking thing in my leg bone?
Now it was time to clean, stitch and staple.
They used a torture device to violently flood the gouge with water.  It splattered all over the place.  Including pieces of my leg all over Cassie and her Sister Michael.
Here I am in pain, just after they finished cleaning the wound.
This is a picture of the splatter zone next to the bed.
What it looks like after stitched and stapled.
My first reaction to my wound:
My view:
It looks so clean here, all bandaged.  However, the wound continues to leak significant amounts of blood the day after and this bandage
was completely soaked by morning.
I'll keep you updated as this ordeal is still pending.  =(

2nd hospital visit, had to soak my gaze to peal it off my leg. Too much blood was keeping it stuck.

An up-close picture of the staples.

The Dr. was purposely trying to poke and pull at my staples. I didn't take a vicodin since 9 AM and it's 3:45 PM. I'm in pain.

I can't seem to quell this swelling! I'm taking:
anti-inflammatory supplements
keeping my leg up
keeping it on ice (that's an ice pack under my foot)
And these crutches are keeping me from going anywhere outside the home.

While redressing today I noticed that it seems my entire lower leg has been stabbed and beaten to a pulp; front, back and foot. This picture is the back/side of my calf. This was an injury that the doctors and nurses told me not to worry about. Turns out these nerves are hyper sensitive and looking for any reason to scream bloody murder then touched. It also seems to leak a lot of lymph fluid, more than anticipated. This fluid hardens like glue to the bandages make it difficult to take off.

Speaking of leaking fluids. WHY are my fluids turning Green? Also the curved bruising leading from the epicenter wound to my upper ankle are starting to open up and spew forth nasty fluid. I thought they would just bruise up! Every day there seems to be more damage unveiled.

Also, notice the contour of flash reflection on my shin. It really illustrates the concaveness of ground 0. I lost so much mass that my leg has a crater it.