I watched a youtube video of a tour guide telling the story of Jack Daniel's death.
Turns out he kicked a safe so hard, he broke his toe.  Got infected then they
removed his leg, but that didn't stop the infection and died of gangrene.
Here it is:
My first look at the actual damage:
Good god! looks like i'm deffinatly loosing my toenail
After i cleaned it:
This is a picture of the safe (375 lbs):
This was the exact safe that my toe broke:
I'm so done with bodily-harm accidents!!!  >=(

UPDATE: 4/4/2011
The old nail is haning on for dear life it seems.
The question is, do I try to remove it all the way, risking tearing my sking and causing another bloody msess or leave it on to see if it'll work it's way out naturally and hoping it doesn't hinder the growth path of the new toe nail. Loosing a toenail sucks, altho it could be worse. The safe could have easily crushed the toe through the bone. OUCH
Dead tonail still haning in there

As I lift up the dead nail, you can kind of see the new one growing in. I can't really tell the exact line where the nail ends and the pink toe begins.
Lifting up the dead toenail you can see the new toenail growing back

Sure am glad toenails grow back.